The Conference ‘Croatian Insurance Days’ is the traditional insurance business Conference in the Republic of Croatia.
By the number of its participants, the quality of the programme and its media presence, the ‘Croatian Insurance Days’ are the central meeting spot and the largest annual insurance gathering in Croatia.
The aim of the Conference is to promote the insurance industry and to ensure a mutual exchange of knowledge, best practices and experiences. Topics of interest and issues of concern to the Croatian and European insurance market shall be presented, showing the current situation and comparing it to targeted standards. In addition to that, the participants shall have the opportunity of establishing business contacts and cooperation.
The Conference ‘Croatian Insurance Days 2016’ shall take place on the 9th -11th November 2016 at the hotels ‘Royal’ and ‘4 opatijska cvijeta” in the city of Opatija, one of Croatia’s most popular resorts.
The Conference Programme includes a Welcome Cocktail on the evening of 9th November, plenary sessions on 10th and 11th November and on the evening of 10th November social programme and entertainment. During the second work day of the Conference a parallel Motor Claims Settlement and Handling session shall take place. A complete preliminary Conference programme as well as more details on the Conference shall be soon available on these pages.
The Conference shall assemble eminent experts of the insurance and reinsurance industry, Croatian supervisory and regulatory authorities and other financial institutions at national, regional and European level. They shall present and comment on the situation and latest developments of the Croatian and European insurance market.
Participants of the Conference are representatives of the insurance industry in Croatia and from abroad and other involved or interested in insurance business (representatives of relevant national and European bodies, business partners, scientists and the like).
Special guests and key speakers shall be Zdravko Marić, Minister of Finance, Justin Wray, Head of Policy Unit at EIOPA and William Vidonja, Head of Conduct of Business Department from Insurance Europe.
The Conference shall be sponsored by the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Croatia.
Last year’s Conference also took place in Opatija and gathered, among others, senior executives of all insurance companies in Croatia. Please visit http://www.dani-osiguranja.huo.hr/galerija2015/ to get a visual flavour of the last year’s conference concept and venue.
SPONSORS of the Conference are offered a strong visibility and various ways of presenting their business activities. If you are interested in a communications channel that will increase your visibility among insurers, please let us know and we will send you a document with packages of sponsorship benefits from which you can choose the one that provides the desired level of presentation of your business. Also, we will work with you to design a special package that will best suit your goals and budget. Your sponsorship would be warmly welcomed as your friendly gesture towards on mutual cooperation.
For more information on the sponsorship packages please do not hesitate to contact us.